Monday, 13 August 2012

Ah Content Marketing... So Obvious!?

In preparation for my new job as a 'social media marketing trainee' I've spend the last two weeks of my unemployed life to find out as much as possible about social marketing and how, basically to be good at it. What seems to be an ongoing theme is content, content, content. I mean it's kind of what underpins any form of social media marketing. It makes sense, no one will comment, like, share or engage with you if what you're offering is dull. 

The problem is that even if content is the vital cog in the social media machine, creating that cog is far from easy. I could sit here all day long and claim that becoming a surgeon is simple as long as you spend years studying medicine, while acquiring a truck load of student loans and sleepless nights cramming before exams. Everyone know's content is paramount however, not so many know what content is good or bad. Of course I know what you're thinking "business is not a science" and you're right but there are some good examples out there of best practise and those you should be learning from. This article after the jump on mashable (which if you haven't already, put into you're RSS feed, follow, like etc as these guys are a must for anyone involved in social media) shows examples of companies doing social well, and also how they are doing it. 

5 tech companies that get 'Content Marketing' right and how they do it!

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