Tuesday, 14 August 2012

5 Tips to a Good Interview

I managed to be selected for a job in a career I have no experience in, over other candidates that do  You want to know how I did it? I will explain a few things that were helpful in getting through the interview process. I hope they help people in the same situation as myself..
1 - Be Honest
This is key. You’re not an MI5 agent, you will get caught out if you lie on the spot. On the job description it stated experience in certain areas would be helpful however, I did not have said experience. You may think bending the truth is useful and can make you look more hireable but those lies will catch up to you. I told my employers straight, even though I did not have the experience, I was a fast learner and that who ever they hie will not work harder than I would to be successful. I think this showed my commitment to the role and my enthusiasm to learn. It is a lot easier to remember the truth, than to remember lies.
2 - Be Prepared
This may sound obvious but I was super prepared for my interview. Researched the company, what they did, who they worked with, what services they provide, company history etc. Also know the job you’ve been asked to do and stress that’s why you want the job.  Know the potential employers and what they want like you know the back of your hand. This helps with the next one….
3 - Ask Questions
Can be anything about the company, what work they’re currently doing, who are the most valued clients and so on. I asked a questions about how they measure social media impact (as this is a big part of my job) as it was a genuine benefit for myself to know the answer. You can even ask about the history of the organisation, makes you seem genuinely interested. If you seem interested in them they’re more likely to be interested in you!
4 - Know Yourself
This is often forgotten. Check you CV, save your answers to qualifying questions, remember what you’ve told them about yourself. Remember the experiences you have professionally and personally that relate to the role and what is expected. Nothing is worse than forgetting something on your CV when the person interviewing ask's you a related question.
5 - Be Confident
I know this seems easier than it sounds, but if you can get a conversation out of these people, talk to them like they’re normal and not incredibly scary it creates a good atmosphere to be more at ease and more confident. Don’t take this too far, there has to be a professional boundary and this will change company to company, you must have to adapt to the situation. I have a CV lacking experience but face-to-face I can come across as confident and competent to learn anything. Sometimes this can be more valuable than experience.

well there's my advice, good luck with the interviews guys!

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